Marketing Excellence Award

photo of a boy scout.Did you or your Unit capture the attention of the local media? If so, we want you to share it with us!

It’s important to let the community know how Scouting benefits our families and neighborhoods. That’s why we offer the Unit Marketing Award for Scouts and Scouting leaders who get the recognition they deserve from the local press.

Description: The Unit Award of Marketing Excellence is for Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, Posts and Ships. The award is designed to encourage Units to share all the good things they do with their local media such as TV, radio, local papers, school newspapers, church bulletins, etc.

Click here to download Unit Award Application for Marketing Excellence.

How to Apply: A unit will complete the application form along with a copy of the media that was published. If it was a TV spot, send a VHS tape or CD of the segment. If it was a radio spot, send an audio tape of the segment. If it was a newspaper article, send a hard copy of the article. If the media coverage was or has a website, then a link to the site must be submitted. The application and the media will then need to be mailed or delivered to:

Middle Tennessee Council, Boy Scouts of America
Attn: Unit Marketing Award of Excellence
3414 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215

Recognition: All units who submit an application will receive a certificate along with a special streamer for their unit flag.

Winners: Quarterly winners will receive a special patch for each member of their unit.

For more information, contact Tran Tran at (615) 463-6291 or

For valuable information and resources on how to generate news coverage for your Scouting Unit, visit the National Marketing website at

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