Winter Camp

photo of a boy scout.

December 27-31, 2014

Boxwell Reservation


Latimer Reservation

Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge is proud to serve the Middle Tennessee Council by hosting Winter Camp for the 12 consecutive year at Boxwell Reservation.

This year, Latimer Reservation in cooperation with the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111 and the MTC Venturing Officers’ Association is proud to provide you with an excellent winter camping opportunity for your Scouts and Venturers. This will be our THIRD year for Boy Scouts and our FIRST year for Venturers to attend Winter Camp at Latimer Reservation. Leaders and Scouts will get to experience a truly enjoyable time of the year on the Cumberland Plateau.

Winter Camp is truly a unique opportunity that allows Scouts to experience Boxwell Scout Reservation and Latimer Reservation in a greatly diverse way. A Scout is able to earn merit badges and participate in activities that are not obtainable at summer camp. The weather, activities, training, and overall camp atmosphere are vastly unique.

We are positive Scouts attending Winter Camp will not be disappointed with their experience. Just ask one of the hundreds of satisfied campers who have attended Winter Camp in the past. Also, please keep in mind that over the last three years registration has been closed due to the program reaching capacity – so plan early and REGISTER NOW!

We are excited about Winter Camp 2014 and look forward to seeing you there!

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Boxwell Reservation Latimer Reservation
Thank you for your interest our upcoming Winter Camp program. At this time online registration has been closed, if you or your Scouts have not registered but still want to attend or need to edit an existing registration please contact Kim Wilkerson at 615-383-9724 x265 or Boy Scouts - Online registration
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