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The Order of the Arrow is an honor camper organization that is considered Scouting’s national honor society. To become a member, a Scout must be elected by the members of his troop. After being elected, he must pass a series of tests known as the Ordeal. After he goes through the Ordeal, he becomes a member. Arrowmen are challenged by the Order of the Arrow to dedicate their lives to cheerfully serving both Scouting and their community. Middle Tennessee’s Order of the Arrow lodge, Wa-Ha-Nasa, provides hundreds of service hours to Boxwell Scout Reservation each year. Wa-Ha-Nasa also publishes Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee.

Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee is a service that the Order of the Arrow provides for Middle Tennessee. This guidebook contains information about the premier outdoor destinations in Tennessee. The articles in this edition contain information gathered from personal experiences, Scoutmaster interviews, as well as library research. Photos and other pictures are used wherever possible to provide further details on the great places featured in Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee. The maps used are provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. These maps are posted in rest stops along the Interstate in Tennessee, and this provides Scoutmasters with an easy reference while on the Interstate in unfamiliar territory. I hope that this guidebook provides the troops of Middle Tennessee with a valuable resource that helps them journey to new and exciting places outside.

The Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee Guide can be viewed in pdf format by clicking on the cover above. Upon reaching the Table of Contents, you can navigate through the book by clicking on the place you would like more information about.

About the author (pictured at right)

Robin Armistead

Robin Armistead is an Eagle Scout from Troop 516 in Clarksville, TN and a Vigil member of Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge. He is currently studying engineering. He enjoys outdoor activities such as backpacking, hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, and kayaking.

Working on this publication was a great experience for Robin. He managed to receive high school credit for serving as editor of Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee.

Special Thanks

"This publication was very difficult to produce, but I have had an excellent time working on Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee. This guidebook would not have been possible to produce without the assistance of many people.

First, Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge. The outstanding members of the lodge were a little apprehensive at first, but then they encouraged me to excel and to reach my dream. Thank you to my adviser Gerald Hennessee who has offered me encouragement, given me praise, put me in contact with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, and rebuked me for being stubborn. Thank you to Phil Freed-Golden for letting me borrow a scanner. Thanks go to Steve Reynolds for finding a printer, technical support, and paper.

Second, Clarksville Academy. Thanks to Mr. Hill for allowing me to use school resources to complete this project. Thank you to Ms. Simms and Mr. Nietzke for working with me to make Where to Go Scouting in Tennessee happen. Thank you to Mrs. Matthews for proofing my articles for grammar and style errors.

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development has given me outstanding resources such as the maps and vacation guides that are bundled with the guide, good advice, and a matching grant to help fund the guide."

-Robin Armistead

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