Get in the Game! Programs

Get in the Game! is a partnership between the Boy Scouts of America and Geocaching is a game for GPS users of all ages. Players hide caches all over the world and then post the coordinates on the internet. Other players, using a GPS, try to find the hidden cache. Once found, the player signs a log sheet, provided in the cache, and later logs an entry on the cache page. Caches are everywhere: in the cities, the suburbs and in the wilderness. There are “drive-ups” and there are “hike-ins”. There are caches to match whatever level or capabilities you care to attempt.

The Get in the Game! partnership allows special caches to be placed around the country celebrating Scouting. There are also special trackables that are being created that can be passed from cache to cache. Trackables are named as such as their movements can be tracked on-line

Resources for Get in the Game!

The following resources are available for get in the game:

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