2018 Klondike Derby

January 19-21, 2018

Latimer Reservation

Thank you for your interest in this event. This will be the 8th annual Klondike Derby held at Latimer Reservation. We made history last year and this year will be bigger and better. Please read the following pages carefully and completely. This is a competitive event and there are rules governing the designs of sleds and the equipment required of each team and team members. All of these rules are established here so our Venturers and Sea Scouts may have a safe and fun time without any “gray areas” voiding the integrity of the event.

Just before the turn of the century, Gold prospectors traveled the sub-zero reaches of Alaska by dogs and sleds. They camped out in all kinds of winter weather, and therefore needed adequate survival skills, which, they learned from native Eskimos. Scouting has incorporated this theme in the Klondike Derby. The point of the Klondike Derby is to make Venturers and Sea Scouts use their heads, to put their Scouting skills to work in the field, to demonstrate teamwork and Scout spirit, and to have fun in the outdoors in the winter.

When gold-seekers came up the Chilkoot Pass, they were inspected by the North West Mounted Police before being allowed entry into Canada and the Yukon. Those that did not have adequate supplies where turned back for their own safety. So it should be at the Klondike Derby. Therefore, the first event will be held in the town of Chilkoot Pass. A thorough safety check of the sled and scouts will take place. For example, any scout wearing inadequate footwear or any sled lacking a brake rope must not be allowed to participate in the Derby until they correct the unsafe conditions. There are many more requirements of the Scouts and sleds and they will be detailed in the sections for Sleds and Equipment.

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