2015 Klondike Derby

photo for Venturing Rendezvous

The fifth annual Klondike Derby was held at Latimer Reservation the weekend of January 16-18. This year’s Derby was chaired by Bart Sims. Bart and the VOA put together a very exciting weekend. Over 115 Venturers and Leaders participated in this year’s Derby. The weather was beautiful with a good breeze, making it just perfect for this event. Just before the turn of the century, gold prospectors traveled the sub-zero reaches of Alaska by dogs and sleds. They camped out in all kinds of winter weather, and therefore needed adequate survival skills, which they learned from native Eskimos. Scouting has incorporated this theme in the Klondike Derby. The point of the Klondike Derby is to make Venturers and Sea Scouts use their heads, to put their Scouting skills to work in the field, to demonstrate teamwork and Scout spirit, and to have fun in the outdoors in the winter.

The First Place Team was Crew 536-Olympus, the Second Place Team was Crew 1-Self Confidence, and the Third Place Team was Crew 263-Flaming Toasters. All of the Teams were well-prepared for the competition.

Begin making plans now to attend the sixth annual Klondike Derby in 2016.

2015 Klondike Derby Pictures

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