JROTC Venturing Program @ Boxwell Scout Reservation “Warriors Train Here”

The JROTC Venturing program is an exceptional training program for any cadet to participate in. Our program combines the best in leadership and practical application experiences for the JROTC program.

Oct 23-25, 2015

Click here to view videos and photos of JROTC Venture Crews in action. “Get Some!!!”

Sign your unit up for a weekend training event in the spring or fall semester. Units can also reserve the facilities for a unit specific training.

The challenges featured at Boxwell Scout Reservation are as follows:

  • Obstacle Course
    #1 6’Wall, #2 24’ Low Crawl #3 6 Log vaults, #4 15 Island Hopping Log Tops, #5 75’(3 X 25’) of balancing beams , #6 6’ Wall, #7 24’Long Monkey Bars, #8 24’ Wet Low Crawl #9 200 yd. sprint to finish.
  • CCR Course
    The course is 1/2 of a mile, with a , 6’ wall, 24’ Long Low Crawl, Water Wheel Crossing, Tunnel, 5’ Wall and a Steep Hill to climb to the finish.
  • Crucible Course
    The course consist of #2 High Beam cross-over, #3 Board Walk #4 Criss Cross, #5 Tire Tarzan Swing, #6 Giant Finger, #7 Swinging Log, and #8 Star Chamber. #9 100 yard sprint to finish line. This course resembles a combination of an obstacle course with a think tank course (Crucible).
  • Land Navigation Course
    Azimuths, distance, and Pace Count
  • Rope Bridge Obstacle
    Over 98ft of Waist Deep Water

For more information and questions, please contact:

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