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The Middle Tennessee Council wants to make the Scouting experience the best it can be for Scouts and Volunteers alike. To help make this happen, we offer a number of services and resources online.

2016 Fall Recruiment

We are excited about the 2016 Fall Recruitment season. We have gained access to a number of school systems where we previously were not able to speak directly to the boys. We have also finalized all of our Fall Recruitment Marketing materials. The 2016 Cub Scout sign up theme is “Aiming for Family Adventure.” We have a number of different items that you will be able to utilize for your unit promotions this fall:

  • Top 40 Marketing Techniques - Click here to view or download
  • 4x8 Banners
  • Large Yard Signs
  • Posters - Click here to view or download
  • Flyers - Click here to view or download
  • Stickers
  • Aiming for Family Adventure Patch – for those youth that sign up
  • Cub Scout Parent Orientation Guides – for parents at the sign up nights. Click here to view or download
  • New Leader Guide - Click here to view or download

If you would like more information about these items and how to get them for your unit’s marketing purposes, please contact your District Executive or Dylan Theg at (615) 383-9724;

Other Services and Resources:

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