Internet Rechartering Process

photo of a boy scout.To help make rechartering more convenient and less time-consuming, the Middle Tennessee Council offers internet rechartering as a service for all our traditional Scouting units. To help the process go smoothly, a tutorial and extensive help directory are also available.

To start the process you will need your unique access code, which can be obtained from your District Executive. You may access the recharter program two months prior through two months after the date your recharter is due, but the tutorial and help files can be accessed anytime.

Note: You must be running Internet Explorer and the Windows operating system for the program to work correctly - it will not run on the Mac operating system.

Brief Overview of Rechartering Process:

  • Print the forms that must be submitted with the Recharter.
  • Take online tutorial.
  • Obtain your access code from your District Executive.
  • Follow Recharter link.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the recharter process. You will be able to print your final copy after you click the "submit" button. Please do not submit a draft copy.
  • When complete, print the recharter, get required signatures, and turn it in to the Council Service Center.
  • When calculating your amount due, please use the recharter checklist included in your packet. This will assure that you have the correct amount including insurance ($1 per youth and adult). Your recharter cannot be processed if proper fees are not submitted. Please note: Internet recharter does not include the council insurance fee.
  • Required Signatures:
    • Recharter Form
      Institutional Head on page 1
      Cubmaster, Scoutmaster or Venture Crew Leader on last page, certifying membership
    • Charter Agreement
      Institutional Head or Chartered Representative
    • All Adult Applications
      Chartered Representative AND Committee Chair
    • All Youth Applications
      Parent AND Cubmaster, Scoutmaster or Venture Crew Leader
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