Scouting Auto Tag

Scouting Volunteers, Friends, and Alumni can support their local council and show their Scouting pride at the same time by ordering a Boy Scouts of America license plate through their county license office. Proceeds from the sale of the Boy Scouts of America tags will fund priority Scouting programs in our local councils throughout Tennessee.

There will be a $35.00 additional fee for the tag. Out of the $35.00 fee, $15.00 will be distributed to our Councils. This is determined by what county the tag was purchased in, depending on the Council boundaries.

These are the easy steps that need to be taken:

  • Fill out the Application for the Special Tag (House Bill H PC2)
  • Include a $35.00 check payable to the Middle Tennessee Council. Please write Tennessee State Tax Commission in the memo on the check.
  • The $35.00 will be deposited in a Special Custodial at the council office marked Tennessee license plates until the minimum of 1,000 tags has been reached by all 5 Tennessee Councils.
  • In order for the tags to be available in 2012, we need to get moving. We need to collect 1,000 applications and the deposits.
  • Once this is up and going, it will provide financial support for many years. It is a great way to market Scouting, provide additional income, and Show your Scouting Pride!
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