Becoming a Better Leader

photo of a boy scout.Leadership and confidence are critical to success in Scouting and life. The Middle Tennessee Council offers various training programs so you have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience it takes to help Scouts learn to make the most of their opportunities.

The training mandate will require top unit leaders – SMs, CMs, Varsity Coaches, Venturing Advisors, Skipper and Explorer Advisors – be fully “trained” for their registered position.

Upcoming Training

Diamond Level Trained Unit - Award of Excellence


The Middle Tennessee Council is now offering a new incentive for Units; the Trained Unit – Award of Excellence. The award is earned when a Unit brings their trained leader percentage up to 80% or higher. The percentage of 80% was decided upon instead of 100% for the purpose of helping Units that have Leaders who have quit, moved, or otherwise become unable to fulfill their duties as a Volunteer Leader during the course of the year.

A Unit that is able to achieve the Award of Excellence will receive a personal thank you letter from the Scout Executive, as well as be presented at Roundtable with a special certificate and a Diamond Level Streamer to hang from their standard. Diamond Units will be highlighted in Volunteer Hall, and listed in Jet Trails

These Units have trained at least 80% of their leaders

Western Service Area
Cogioba David Crockett Duck River Highland Rim Natchez Trace
  District Staff   District Staff  
Pack 505 Troop 461 Pack 352 Pack 594 Troop 135
Pack 534 Pack 268 Troop 1855 Pack 126 Crew 001
Pack 566 Pack 183 Troop 1352    
Troop 525 Pack 329      
Troop 125 Pack 264      
Troop 514 Troop 462      
  Troop 463      
  Troop 697      
  Troop 107      
  Troop 489      
  Troop 46      
  Troop 466      
Central Service Area
Cherokee Dan Beard Hermitage James E. West Nashboro
Pack 262 Troop 4 Troop 911 Crew 87 Pack 1310
        Pack 615
        Pack 582
        Pack 29
        Pack 281
        Pack 6114
        Pack 1548
        Pack 17
        Crew 818
        Pack 3021
        Pack 61
        Crew 70
        Pack 588
        Pack 97
        Pack 65
Eastern Service Area
Black Fox Elk River Trail of Tears Upper Cumberland Walton Trail Warioto
District Staff   District Staff District Staff    
    Troop 197 Troop 108 Pack 367  
Pack 81   Pack 398 Pack 355 Pack 748  
Troop 175   Pack 320 Troop 156 Troop 367  
Crew 403   Pack 341 Troop 331 Troop 246  
    Troop 441 Troop 354 Troop 748  
    Troop 320 Troop 355 Troop 293  
    Troop 448 Troop 359 Pack 643  
      Crew 170 Crew 360  
      Troop 20