What is Powder Horn?

Powder Horn Logo.Powder Horn is an Outdoor/High Adventure resource management course designed to motivate and prepare adult and youth leaders to provide their unit with a safe and correct Outdoor/High Adventure activities.

This course will give all participants an opportunity to experience the many different Outdoor/ High Adventure Activities available to the Scouting Program. It will also provide the local resources necessary to successfully participate in these Outdoor/High Adventure activities in several ways, including the following:

  • Help adult and youth leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a FUN and challenging nature
  • Provide an introduction exposure to the resources necessary to successfully lead a unit through an Outdoor/High Adventure program.
  • Familiarize Scouts and Scouters with various Scouting Outdoor/High Adventure programs so that they can help their Scouts successfully meet their requirements in various Shooting Sports Awards, Outdoor Awards, Sailing Awards, etc.

This program is open to all registered adult Boy Scout, Venturing, District and Council leaders. It is also open to registered Youth members Age requirements for youth participants is 13 years AND graduated the 8th grade or 14 years.

What if I need more information?

You may contact the Course Director, Sherry McGugin (931) 284-7707 or Staff Advisor, Bobby Powell at (615) 977-6368

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