Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills

photo of a boy scout.The Middle Tennessee Council invites you to participate in Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills, a fun-filled program of hands-on skills training in the outdoors, designed to help you master basic camp skills required for the ranks of Tenderfoot to First Class.

Instructors will help you learn how to set up camp, cook, work with woods tools and ropes, first aid, planning campfire programs, map reading and compass skills, hiking and packing techniques, nature identification, and Leave No Trace. Each outdoor session will bring to life the pages of the Boy Scout Handbook to help you deliver the promise of Scouting to yourself and the youth you serve. It will increase your comfort level and give you confidence as a trained, skilled Boy Scout leader. The program will also give you the opportunity to work with other Boy Scout leaders from across the Council, meet new friends, and reinforce skill techniques with fellow unit leaders.

Who Should Attend: Webelos Leaders, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Members such as Outdoor Activity Coordinators or Equipment Managers.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you in this unique and exciting program. We will send you a map to the location, gear list, and any other information you will need to join us-- and please "pass the word" to other Boy Scout leaders. We don't want anyone to miss out on the fun!

Please note: If you are a Cub Scout Leader in need of the Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills (OWLS) course you will need to contact your local District Executive or District Training Chair for information on upcoming sessions of this training.

Introduction to OUTDOOR LEADER SKILLS - OLS 2016

April 21st, Information & Q & A Meeting, MTC office

April 29th, 30th & May 1st, 2016 Weekend Training Event

Camp Beany Elam, Boxwell Reservation

All Boy Scout and Webelos Leaders are encouraged to attend

The big reason millions of boys join Boy Scouting is to go hiking and camping outdoors. Do you want to “Deliver the Promise” of Scouting’s Outdoor Program by putting the outing into Scouting? Are you ready to make the Scout Handbook come to life by becoming a capable and confident outdoors leader with practical hands-on camping skills? Again this Spring we are offering an Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training at Boxwell Reservation.

This is not a classroom presentation, camporee or truck camping; this is a Walking OLS. You will hit the trail to adventure carrying everything you need in your pack on your back necessary to live comfortable in the outdoors, sleep two nights in a tent you pitched, cook your meals on stoves or a fire you built and earn the rewards of being a competent camper.

Experienced instructors will give you hands-on training in the outdoor and camping skills required for Tenderfoot through First Class ranks. Learn packing and hiking techniques, map & compass skills, camp set-up, menu planning and cooking, knots & lashings, first aid, nature identification, woods tools safety, campfire programs and Leave No Trace. During this course you will use the buddy system, the EDGE and Patrol Methods.

Q & A Meeting, Thursday, April 21st at 6 p.m., at the MTC Jet Potter Scout Center on Hillsboro Road. At this very important meeting patrols will be formed and you will be given detailed personal & patrol gear lists with detailed explanation and demonstrations from the pages of the Scout Handbook. Many coming into Boy Scouts do not have all the gear needed to camp. This is a time your patrol can pool resources, gear and duties.

Weekend Event, Friday, April 29th, arrive promptly at 6 PM at Camp Beany Elam. Check-in and present your BSA Annual Health & Medical Record, Parts A & B. Form your patrol and your Troop Guide will shakedown your packs and go over your gear to ensure you will enjoy and get the most out of this training experience. You will be issued patrol gear and food rations for the event, a Dutch oven supper will be provided Friday evening.

Prerequisites: A willingness to lace up your hiking boots, swing a pack onto your back and learn the practical hands-on skills of Scouting’s Outdoor Program. Be Prepared, before the training event read these chapters in the Scout Handbook on First Aid (124-176), Woodcraft (202-257) and Campcraft (258-343).

Cost: $40 including all meals. Registration deadline is April 21st, no walk-ons after that!

For additional information contact: Course Director / Scoutmaster, Larry Medlin at Or Course Committee Chair, David Young or (615) 260-0802

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