Commissioner Recognition

Recognition is a fundamental concept in Scouting. It is a celebration of individual commitment, as well as a demonstration of skill development and personal growth. For Commissioners, recognition restates our purpose publicly and makes visible the impact we have on units and, as a result, the district within which they reside.

Recognition should always be presented publicly and includes all levels of recognition, from Commissioning Certificates to the Distinguished Commissioner Award.

As the Middle Tennessee Council moves into 2016 and we continue our focus on unit success, we have added an additional recognition for all commissioners. The Focus on Retention patch can be earned by all commissioners at all levels and demonstrates a commissioner’s commitment to unit contact, unit service and continuing education.

The requirement checklists are below and are verified using My.Scouting and Commissioner Tools. Deadline for completion of the requirements is December 31st 2016.

Click here to view the requirements

In addition, all of the unit service recognitions recently underwent a review to ensure that they are in line with the changes in unit contact reporting and Commissioner Tools.

The goals for revising commissioner recognition include:

  • Requirements reflective of contemporary unit service tools, techniques and processes
  • Requirements consistent across all recognition opportunities
  • Electronic access to reference materials, requirements, record keeping tools and certificates
  • Requirements that enable roundtable commissioners to participate fully in unit service recognition

Click on the links below to learn more about changes and updates to:


Badge of Office

Trained Emblem


Arrowhead Honor

Certificate of Commendation

Commissioners Award of Excellence in Unit Service

Commissioner’s Key

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot

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