Doctoral Thesis/Project Index

Abramson, Sanda Thesis:
Increase Cub Scout to Boy Scout Retention by Utilizing The “Arrow of Light” Award
Acree, Tim Thesis:
Conducting Your Council’s First College of Commissioner Science (Doctorate completed at Dan Beard Council – included with permission)
Ambruster, Watson Thesis:
Commissioner Service and LDS Stakes: ACC-LDS
Philmont Survey
MTC Survey
Commissioner Service and LDS Stakes: ACC-LDS
Bengtson, Karen Project:
Establishing an Online Library for Doctoral Theses/Project Files
Berta, Lorie Project:
Recruitment of Parental Support for Scouting Units
Cub Scout Parent Handbook
Recruitment of Parental Support for Scouting Units
Parent Orientation Guides
Black, Tim Thesis:
Information About the Commissioner Service And a Comparison of Units with an Active or Non-Active Unit Commissioner
Capp, Ray Thesis:
Starting a Scouting Alumni Outreach in the Middle Tennessee Council
Cashon, Tricia Project:
Course Development of Continuing Education Courses Keeping God and Country in Scouting
Keeping Service in Scouting
Keeping Service in Scouting LHC
Keeping Service in Scouting LHC PLC II
Marketing to Today's Youth
Relationship Building
The Commissioner and the Professional-A Working Relationship
International Scouting
Marketing to Today's Youth Outline
Sea Scouts Commissioners
Service Project Planning Sheet
Youth Service Project Ideas
Chaffin, David Thesis: Emphasizing Duty to God in Scouting
Crawley, Toni-Lee Thesis: The History of Sea Scouts in America and the Current State of Sea Scouts in MTC
Fenlon, Dan Project: District Training Day
Ferguson, Doug Thesis: Achieving Quality Control “Predicting Quality Status by Analyzing Performance Indicators”
Harrison, Regina Thesis: Correlation of Roundtable Attendance and Quality Unit Achievement
Hersh, Rob Project: Preparing Today’s Commissioner for Tomorrow’s Venturing Success
Introduction to Venturing Commissioner Science
Introduction to Venturing Commssioner Science continue
Crew Visitation Worksheet
Crew Visitation
Safety Awareness
Class Outline Venturing FORUM (Roundtable)
Venturing Monthly Forum
Car Tag Registration
Preparing Today’s Commissioner for Tomorrow’s Venturing Success.
Jackson, AJ Thesis:
Effective Communication Habits for Commissioners
Lea, Dr. John Thesis:
Building a Council Commissioner Service
McNamee, Dennis Thesis:
Redefining the Basic Unit Commissioner Training Module Known as “Counseling” Into Correctly Defined Basic Components of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Munsee, Craig Project:
Update and Standardize College of Commissioner Science Power Point Presentations
Myrick, Justin Thesis:
Improving the Quality of Merit Badge Universities
Phillips, Kevin Thesis:
The Value of Youth Leadership Training
Plucker, Gail Project:
Voice of the Scout: A Commissioner’s Role and a Resource for Council, District and Unit Key 3’s
Pope, Greg Thesis:
A Methodology for Identifying and Repositioning Highly Ineffective Volunteer Leaders in the Boy Scouts of America
Stevenson, Theresa Thesis:
History of Scouting in the Heart of Tennessee
Stinson, Linda Project:
Cub Scout “Where to Go” Booklet
Rank requirements Info for Den Leaders
Tiger Project
Wolf Project
Bear Project
Webelos Project
Tavares, Diogo Thesis:
Commissioners: The Benefits to Understanding Language and Culture
Tenpenny, Rhonda Thesis:
Women in Scouting – Then and Now
Weaver, Robert Thesis:
Performance Metrics for the Administrative Commissioner
Worcester, Randy Thesis:
Commissioner Service – Our First Hundred Years
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