Policies and Procedures

photo of a boy scout.Support Service is an important part of the Middle Tennessee Council operations and will provide your unit with a variety of activities and programs designed to enhance the program you are already presenting. Listed below are the rules governing the use of the Council’s outdoor facilities.

Rules and regulations for use of facilities and equipment:

  1. The welfare of the youth members shall be first in all matters that relate to the operations of the properties and equipment of the Middle Tennessee Council. The one code of conduct shall be the Scout Oath and Law.
  2. Units/groups must have a signed permit to use the facilities and/or equipment from the Scout Service Center seven days prior to using the property or equipment.
  3. Each unit/group must report to the Ranger upon arrival. This arrival should be no later than 9 p.m., and no earlier than 7 a.m. unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Ranger. Units/groups must check out of camp on Sunday no later than noon unless special permission is granted.
  4. Units, groups, or individuals who reserve campsites, buildings, or equipment and do not use them forfeit fees unless notification is given to the Scout Service Center ten days in advance.
  5. Packs, troops, crews, or groups must have two adult leaders 21 years of age or older in attendance. If youth and adults are to sleep in same building, a privacy barrier must separate the two sleeping areas.
  6. The Ranger will not interfere with the activities of the unit/group except in the case of violation of camp rules or un-Scout-like conduct. The Ranger will report violations to the leader in charge, who, in turn will see that the rules are strictly observed. However, if circumstances warrant, the Ranger can expel the entire group from the camp.
  7. All vehicles are to stop at and remain in parking lots. Please do not drive to campsites or off the main road. Equipment will be taken to the campsites by arrangement with the Ranger. No one is permitted to ride in the back of pick up trucks, sports utility vehicles, or outside of any vehicle.
  8. Any unit/group swimming must have an adult in charge who is at least 21 years old and has BSA Lifeguard certification. At least one leader must have a current Safe Swim Defense Card. Any unit/group using the waterfront must have the principles of BSA Safe Swim Defense in effect. All swimming must be in the designated swimming area only.
  9. Fishing is permitted, provided TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency) rules are followed. The buddy system must be used by Scouts when fishing. Permits are not required for fishing from the property banks. No fishing in boating areas, waterfront, or the horseshoe at Stahlman.
  10. A current Safety Afloat Card must be held by a leader using canoes and must be presented before checking out canoes. Life jackets must be worn at all times while in canoes or other boats. When a unit/group is using the canoes, all requirements in No. 7 of the Safety Afloat guidelines must be met.
  11. No hunting allowed.
  12. Personal firearms are not permitted on council properties. Only camp-owned and controlled rifles and shotguns are to be used under the supervision of the Shooting Sports Director or designated certified instructor. (Boxwell Use Only)
  13. Only camp-owned and controlled archery equipment is to be used under the supervision of the Shooting Sports Director or designated certified instructor. (Boxwell Use Only)
  14. No Fireworks allowed.
  15. No pets allowed. No exceptions.
  16. Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are not permitted on council properties.
  17. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas, away from youth members. Smoking in buildings is strictly prohibited. No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to use tobacco products.
  18. Leave No Trace camping is the main practice of council properties, therefore all fire pits must be removed from the fields, and no fire may be built on top of the ground.
  19. Repairs for any damage to facilities and equipment are to be paid for by the unit/group. The unit/group will be charged the exact repair or replacement cost.
  20. Units/groups are responsible for their garbage. Please deposit your trash in the designated area (see Ranger). You may deposit your garbage in the dumpster behind the maintenance building while using facilities at Boxwell.
  21. Your area, building, and equipment must be inspected by the Ranger before you leave. Please leave them as clean as or cleaner than you found them.
  22. The council properties shall be closed to everyone on Mondays and the following holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Good Friday, and Easter.
  23. Groups not chartered by the Boy Scouts of America must sign a Hold-Harmless Agreement and provide proof of liability insurance.

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