Donate a Vehicle (car, boat, truck, RV) to the Middle Tennessee Council, BSA and Receive Tax Deduction.

photo of a boy scout.

Donation Advantages and How It Works

Participating in the Boy Scouts of America’s vehicle donation program is simple and straightforward:

  1. Contact us to initiate the donation process at either or 855-272-1227.
  2. Share some information about your donation and schedule a free pick-up.
  3. Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) sells it and sends you the paperwork you need to file for your tax deduction.

That’s it. We keep things simple, especially when it comes to the items we accept for donation. If you have it, we can use it — any vehicle in any condition.

  • Donor Contacts One Car One Difference
  • IAA Tows the Vehicle
  • IAA Auctions the Vehicle
  • Donor Gets Sales Receipt to File for Tax Deduction
  • Charities Get the Proceeds

Start your donation process by clicking here

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