Applying to Become and Eagle Scout

  1. ALL requirements (ranks, merit badges, position of responsibility, Eagle project, and Scoutmaster Conference)MUST be completed by the candidates 18th birthday. No exceptions can be made without applying for an extension.
  2. Eagle application must be completely filled out prior to presenting it to the Scout office for certification. The only line that can be blank is the Employer recommendation, since not all Scouts are employed.
  3. All signatures must be obtained (applicant, Unit Leader, Committee Chair) prior to presenting it to the Scout office for certification.
  4. Eagle applications are certified at the Scout Office by appointment only. Please contact Jennifer Glasner at 615-383-9724 to set an appointment to review the application.
  5. Eagle applications MUST be certified by the Scout Office by the candidates 18th birthday. They must also be certified PRIOR to scheduling the Board of Review. Board of Reviews cannot be done if the application is not certified when it is presented to them.
  6. Eagle candidates have three (3) months after their birthday to complete their Board of Review. If they go over the three month period, they must apply for an extension from the Council Advancement Committee. If they go six months or more after their birthday, they must file an extension with the National Office.
  7. After the Board of Review, the application must be returned to the Scout Office in a timely manner, in order to transmit it to National for the Credentials to be printed. When the application is brought in it should be accompanied by the “Eagle Information Sheet” and the picture that they would like used for the Eagle Reception.

Eagle Palm Application Procedures

  1. All Eagle Palm applications must be certified by the Eagle Registrar prior to presenting to the Scout Shop to purchase the Palm. Please fax to 615-297-9916 24 hours in advance so that they may be certified and given to the Scout Shop for pickup.
  2. A Board of Review must be completed for an Eagle Palm. Please be sure that you have the proper signatures from the Board on the application when it is sent in.
  3. Palm candidates must have three months tenure in between each Palm. Please do not conduct the Board of Review too early or the Palm will be delayed until the three months has passed.

Eagle Walk
Eagle Recognition

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