Webelos Scout Resident Camp, Boxwell Reservation

2017 Camp Dates

  • Session #1 - Monday, June 11 11:00 AM to Thursday, June 14 2:00 PM
  • Session #2 - Monday, June 18 11:00 AM to Thursday, June 21 2:00 PM
  • Session #3 - Monday, June 25 11:00 AM to Thursday, June 28 2:00 PM
  • Session #4 - Monday, July 9 11:00 AM to Thursday, July 12 2:00 PM

Webelos Resident Camp Fee Schedule

  • $130.00 before April 6, 2018
  • $150.00 April 7- May 4, 2018
  • $160.00 After May 4, 2018
  • Guest (Adult or Sibling)
  • $40.00 per person

Camp Arrival Information


Check in time for all sessions is between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM on your arrival day (Monday). The first meal is the evening meal. DO NOT arrive prior to 11:00 AM. The sequence in which you go through check-in will be determined by the camp director.


Have the following ready for smooth check-in with the Camp Director:

  • All receipts: For camp fees paid at the Council office.
  • Have all Scouts and adult leaders dress in swim trunks; wear your shoes.


Adults meet in Cub World Dining Hall for orientation at 4:00 PM on arrival day. Webelos Scouts assemble at the flag pole outside the dining hall and receive orientation and a tour from the staff.


Each evening the entire camp will have a Flag Assembly at the dining hall. The Class "A" field uniform should be worn. Our camp staff has an exciting agenda of programs and events planned for your Scouts!! Please review your leader's guide so you will understand how the daily program routine will operate

Swimming for Webelos at the Boxwell Pool

There are three swimming ability classifications for Cub Scouts. They are Non-Swimmer, Beginner and Swimmer. The Boxwell pool is specially designed for the needs of the Cub Scouting program and accordingly has the largest area of the pool devoted to the Beginner and Non-Swimmers. The tube slides are located in the beginner area where most of the Cubs will have access to them. On your first day at camp, you'll come to the pool for a brief swim check. The requirements and areas you'll be allowed to swim in are as follows:

  • Non-Swimmer: No specific requirements other than to get wet with all your friends. The Non-Swimmer area is the pie-shaped section at the front of the pool.
  • Beginner Swimmer: Jump in water over your head, swim 25 feet and come back to where you started. The Beginner area is all across the back of the pool and includes the two water slides. This is the largest single area of the pool and where most of the Cubs and parents have a great time.
  • Swimmer: A longer test of swimming strength that qualifies you for boating and the deep end of the pool. Jump in water over your head and swim a total of 100 yards, which includes 25 yards of backstroke and at least one sharp turn. Your counselor will explain in full detail at the time of the swim check. Cub and parents are encouraged to take the beginner test first and enjoy the water and slides, and have fun exploring the pool. Later, when the majority of your group has gotten through classification, if you'd like to take the swimmer test, we'll be most happy to assist you. The Swimmer area is the deep end of the pool to your left as you enter.

Adults will also be required to pass the swim test

NOTE: All of the pool staff are trained BSA Lifeguards, a safety program recognized by the State of Tennessee. Swimming times and schedules are based on availability of the pool and transportation. The pool is used by Camps Stahlman, Craig, and Gaylord Cubworld.



Camp Leadership

The adult in charge of your pack or den must be at least 21 years of age and a registered adult leader or participating parent.

National Scouting policy requires two-deep leadership: two registered adult leaders or one registered adult and a parent of a participating Scout, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips or outings.

It is not required that each Scout have a parent/guardian attend for the Scout to attend. Webelos Resident Camp allows the following ratios of Leadership to Scouts:

# of Scouts # of Adults Required
1-8 2
9-16 4
17-24 6
25-32 8
33-40 10

Each pack should provide the required adult leaders for the number of Webelos Scouts attending camp. All adult leaders are responsible for the discipline and behavior of the Webelos Scouts.

Letter to employer

If you like, the Middle Tennessee Council stands ready to send a letter to your employer or company telling them your leadership in Cub Camping is important in the lives of the boys. You may request this letter by emailing slovett@mtcbsa.org

Leaders' Meetings

Leaders' meetings may be held daily at times to be announced later. Do not leave your pack or den unless you are sure that there is proper supervision. If you can't make the meeting, send a representative. This meeting will be to review any announcements and/or possible changes. The Leaders' Orientation Meeting is held on your arrival day to review the session's schedule & plans.

Click here to download Leaders' Guide.

Cubworld Trading Post

The Trading Post will be open during key hours of the day which will be posted outside the trading post. It will be well-stocked with Scout supplies, cold soft drinks, cold water, ice cream, snacks and fun items for the boys.

Most boys will find their way to the trading post several times during their stay at camp. We hope that our post will enhance the stay of boys to make for a very enjoyable camp experience.

We recommend that each pack establish a banking system with an adult banker to help safeguard the money that boys bring to camp. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Please stop by the trading post when visiting camp to see the variety of items that we stock.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located in the camp headquarters. Ask the Program Director for assistance in the event of a lost item.


The closing campfire for each session will be a family event. We encourage all family members to visit Gaylord CubWorld at this time to spend the second evening with their Scout(s). Dinner will be served for all registered campers. The $7.00 fee for each visitor's meal is payable that evening at the visitor's center (aka the Crippled Crab). Visitors need to arrive between 5:30-5:45 PM to have dinner with their Scouts. Please check with your unit leader for actual meal time.

Leaving Camp

NO ONE may leave camp without checking out with the Camp Directors or Commissioner. A sign-out/in sheet will be provided.

General Cleanliness

Let's be clean in everything we do. Hot showers are available for Scouts and Leaders. Help us keep camp clean. Trash barrels are in each campsite and throughout camp. Please remember to leave camp cleaner than you found it.


Siblings and families are welcome. A fee of $40.00 is charged per sibling and adult.

Camp Program

A full program will be developed for Webelos Scout Resident Camp. The program will be designed by age group/rank. The program schedules will be made available upon your arrival at check-in.

Meal Time

Prior to each meal, campers assemble at the dining hall grounds for prayer and flag ceremonies. Seating will be by campsite. A rest period follows lunch. Class "A" Uniforms should be worn for all evening meals.

Dining Hall

Breakfast, lunch and dinners are served in our indoor, air-conditioned facilities. The dining hall will be set up to serve the number needed for each serving period. The maximum number allowed by the fire code will determine the number of tables and chairs allowed for each serving period.


  1. On arrival day, visit the dining hall. Campsites will be assigned to tables.
  2. Each table will appoint 1 clean-up monitor team per meal (1 Scout & 1 Adult.)
  3. At serving time, Scouts will enter dining hall and take a seat at their assigned tables.
  4. After everyone has been seated, announcements will be made and grace for meal will be said.
  5. After grace, the dining hall will be dismissed to line up for serving.
  6. Scouts will be allowed to refuse items and request additional portions as they walk through the line.
  7. Scout leaders will be asked to serve as monitors of the serving line. This monitor (Scout leader) will ensure that the Scouts are being served properly by the staff.
  8. Approximately 15 minutes prior to the end of the meal period, everyone will be encouraged to participate in the program (song or skit).
  9. Following the program, everyone will be dismissed except the table monitors.
  10. At this time the clean-up window will open and monitors may return trays and clean tables.
  11. Please do not take any items to the clean-up window until the window has been opened after the program.
  12. Please DO NOT wear hats in the dining hall.
  13. Approximate meal schedule: Breakfast A - 7:00 AM, Breakfast B - 8:00 AM; Lunch A - 11:00AM, Lunch B - 12:15 PM; Dinner A - 5:00 PM, Dinner B - 6:00 PM

Vehicles in Camp

All parking is confined to parking lots. No trailers are allowed in campsites. Parking for Webelos Resident Camp will take place in the Stahlman Parking Area ( Boat Harbor lot). Your camping equipment will be taken to your campsite on our Reservation vehicle. Only camp vehicles and delivery trucks will be permitted past the parking areas. The speed limit is 24 miles per hour. No one under 18 will be allowed to drive on the reservation.

It is prohibited to drive a truck or trailer on camp property with youths or adults unrestrained in the back or on the sides. This means NO RIDING IN TRUCK BEDS!


Each pack in the Middle Tennessee Council is covered by supplemental accident and sickness insurance. This will insure them at camp and other Scouting activities. Benefits are to cover deductibles or co-pays. Please submit a copy of your son's primary insurance card with his physical form. If a boy is not covered under other insurance, please submit a signed statement from the parent stating this.

*Note: All packs visiting from outside the Council are NOT insured by the Middle Tennessee Council . Packs must have insurance either through their Pack or through their home Council. Please send proof of insurance along with your initial Cub Scout Resident Camp registration.

Click Here To Download A Typical Schedule at Webelos Scout Resident Camp

How to Volunteer for Adult Camp Staff

Does your Pack have some extra adults who need something special to do at camp? Maybe you can provide some Volunteer Adult Camp Staff Members this summer. Talk to the adults who work with your Unit. See if anyone wants to teach their favorite skill at camp to boys from your Den/Pack and other Dens/Packs.

Please send an email to slovett@mtcbsa.org with the following information: Name, Pack Number, Session attending, contact phone, email address and area they would like to teach/assist and we will inform the Program Director.

Adults from your group may also want to help out at camp in other ways. We always need help with plumbing and electrical work, carpentry, and other camp maintenance which may also contact us via email for these areas. If there are questions, we will get back in touch with you.

Remember that your Den/Pack needs at least one adult with your Scouts at all times. If someone from your Den/Pack volunteers to teach classes or do other work away from your campsite, you may need extra adults to make sure you have sufficient leaders at all times for your Den/Pack.

Webelos Scout Resident Camp Staff Opportunities

Positions are available on Boxwell Reservation's Cub Scout Resident Camp Staff for motivated Scouts and Scouters. Interested parties may pick up an application from the Camping Department at the Scout Service Center or call us at (615) 463-6304 and ask that a Staff Application be emailed to you.

Other Resources

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