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The Warioto District serves Robertson and Sumner Counties in Eastern Sevice Area.

District Chairman:
Tim Hale

District Commissioner:
Cindy Ham

District Executive:

Warm Warioto Welcome
The Warioto District is excited to welcome in a new District Training Chairman. Robert Dillard received his Eagle Scout from Troop 161, which is now 1161 in the Dan Beard district, and is now a Scout Leader who understands the importance of having all leaders trained. Robert is no stranger to training, which is one of his primary functions as the Vice President of Healthcare Reality.

He has already put together an aggressive plan to make sure all leaders in the District are Youth Protection Trained, and has set up ongoing training meetings. Dillard plans on moving the JTE needle.

Troop 454 Spreads Chritmas Cheer
Boy Scout Troop 454 really gets into Christmas spirit. During the holidays the Boy Scouts, with help from family and friends, put together 375 gift bags for the kindergarteners at Bransford Elementary in Springfield. This is their sixth year doing this special event.

Almost 2400 stuffed animals were collected and Santa visited the children and passed out the gift bags. The kids asked for Frozen Elsie, Ninja Turtles, I-pods, Wii's, I-phones, and Tablets. One little boy just wanted a ball and a Yo-Yo. One little girl wanted to come live with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Cub Craft
This year’s Twilight camp will be held in Springfield, and will be full of fun and excitement so make sure to sign up “Upcoming Events”.

Training Calendar
Contact your District Executive for more information
Contact your District Executive for more information
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