Upper Cumberland

photo of a boy scout.

The Upper Cumberland District serves Clay, Jackson, Overton and Putnam Counties in the Eastern Service Area.

District Chairman:
Dr. Charles Womack

District Commissioner:
Dan Fenlon

District Director:
Jeremy Belk

Clay, Jackson, Overton, and Putnam Counties

6 Eagle Board of Review
8 Cub/Boy Scout Roundtable
Commissioner Staff Meeting
13 OA Meeting
22 District Committee Meeting
23-24 Cub Scout Lock In
5 Boy Scout Roundtable
Cub Camp Kickoff
Commissioner Staff Meeting
10 OA Meeting
26 District Committee Meeting
3 Eagle Board of Review
5 Roundtale
Commissioner Staff Meeting
10 OA Meeting
17 District Banquet
26 District Committee Meeting

Ten Commandment Hike
On Saturday, November 22, over 100 Upper Cumberland Scouts and Scouters undertook a nearly 9-mile hike through the heart of Cookeville, visiting various churches, hearing about what makes each unique. The Ten Commandments Hike is an aspect of our District’s Religious Relationships Committee, led by Steve Leddy, District Chaplain. Steve helped each church prepare a presentation to cover one of the Ten Commandments while the Scouts visited their location. A great experience, and everyone had a great time and learned a lot! Thank you, Steve!

District Banquet
Please reserve the evening of March 17th on your calendar, when we will hold the 2015 UC District Banquet. The District Banquet is a huge meal/celebration for adult leaders in our District. We will be presenting awards, eating, laughing, and sharing good times. If you or any leader in your unit has earned a training knot, you need to get the proper paperwork submitted, to be recognized at the banquet. If your Pack has earned the Summertime Pack award, complete that paperwork, for Pack recognition. Come celebrate with us!

Training Calendar
Contact your District Executive for more information
Contact your District Executive for more information
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