Upper Cumberland

photo of a boy scout.

The Upper Cumberland District serves Clay, Jackson, Overton and Putnam Counties in the Eastern Service Area.

District Chairman:
Dr. Charles Womack
(931) 349-9770

District Commissioner:
Michelle Burk
(931) 239-7090

District Executive:
Rob Wright
(931) 269-9663

Clay, Jackson, Overton, and Putnam Counties

Training Calendar
For information about Training, Please contact the Upper Cumberland Training Chair Lorie Berta at (931) 397-2100 or lberta@twlakes.net
Roundtable (Scout Networking and Training) every First Thursday of the month, 7:00 PM at the Cookeville First United Methodist Church – Freeman Building
Contact your district executive for more info
School Date and Time Contact Information
If you don't see your school in the list below, please check back as this is updated daily
AH Roberts Ashley Lamb
(931) 267-3507
Algood Elementary Shane Waters
(931) 267-9083
Allons Elementary Ashley Lamb
(931) 267-3507
Baxter Primary School Philip Marsh
(931) 858-4137
Burks Elementary Ken Wiggins(931) 265-4989
Capshaw Elementary Phillip Martin
(931) 349-2492
Cane Creek Elementary Dan Youngblood
(931) 854-8845
Celina K-8 Alicia Dailey
Cornerstone Elementary Philip Marsh
(931) 858-4137
Dodson Branch School Karen Hill
(931) 704-3848
Gainesboro Elementary Ronnie Scott
(931) 704-3717
Hermitage Springs Alicia Daily
Hilham School Ashley Lamb
(931) 267-3507
Jere Whitson Elementary Jeremy Belk
Northeast Elementary Roy Cravens
(931) 252-0557
Parkview Elementary Jessica Buckner
Prescott Elementary Nicholas Kennedy
(931) 265-1888
Rickman Elementary Jeremy Belk
Sycamore Elementary Thomas Bainbridge
(931) 267-0809
Wilson Elementary Ken Wiggins(931) 265-4989
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