Upper Cumberland

photo of a boy scout.

The Upper Cumberland District serves Clay, Jackson, Overton and Putnam Counties in the Eastern Service Area.

District Chairman:
Dr. Charles Womack

District Commissioner:
Dan Fenlon

District Director:
Jeremy Belk

Clay, Jackson, Overton, and Putnam Counties

Summer Camping
If your Scouts aren’t excited about going to camp, then they don’t know anything about it! You need a Camp Kick Off in your Unit. Day Camp, Resident Camp, and Summer Camp activities are the reason your Scouts joined in the first place. Don’t disappoint them. Let your Scouts and parents know about the great camping opportunities coming up. With Camp scholarships available, there are no excuses left. There is no better way to keep your boys interested in Scouts than to get them to Camp.

Summer Time Pack Award
Every Pack should receive the Summertime Pack Award. It’s fun, provides Pack continuity, and is easy! You only have to have three Pack events throughout the summer to earn it. Are you promoting Day Camp? That’s one. How about a nice picnic? That’s two. You could organize a trip to the County Fair, or have a pool party, and that’s three. Having a summer program will keep your Scouts interested and keep boys in your Pack longer.

Spring Recruitment
I want to challenge our Boy Scout Troops to have a Spring Open House event. We need to recruit Boy Scouts, and it will take getting your youth involved in that process to get results! Have your Scouts pass out invitations and flyers at school, and adults can do the same at their workplace. Have a cooking demo, set up a real campsite, have some bikes and canoes out. If you get them by early Spring, we can get them to Summer Camp, and then they will be hooked for good!

Training Calendar
Contact your District Executive for more information
Contact your District Executive for more information
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