Natchez Trace

photo of a boy scout.

The Natchez Trace District serves Williamson County in the Western Service Area. In 2009, the Natchez Trace district provided Scouting to over 3,000 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers as well 250 Explorers.

Some of the highlighted programs for the district include annual camporees, cub and family camping, a pinewood derby race, day camp and service projects. For a complete list of upcoming events click on the calendar.

District Chairman:
Paul Kleine-Kracht

District Commissioner:
Gene Poe

District Camping Chairman:
Jeff Green

Order of the Arrow Advisor
Bobby Brown

District Executive
Bobby Powell

July 31 @ 7:00 p.m. Fall Youth Recruitment Training
First Presbyterian (101 Legends Club Lane, Franklin)
7 District Committee Meeting
28 Commissioner Staff Meeting
4 District Committee Meeting
25 Commissioner Staff Meeting

A Busy Sprint
The month of April was extremely busy for the Trace! There were events for all Scouts. From Cubs to Venturers, fun was the word!

Our Cub Scouts had two major events: Cub and Family and District Pinewood Derby. Cub and Family was held at Grassland Park April 11-13. Even with a little bad weather, the cubs were all smiles. They worked on belt loops, played games, and of course, ate great camping food! Pinewood Derby was held on April 26th at Holy Family Catholic Church. Professional drag racing had nothing on these cubs! Rumor has it some of the cars even broke the sound barrier because of their speed! Speed wasn’t the only thing that happened that day. The major car manufacturers need to talk to the cubs in the Trace, as some of their designs were incredible!

April 25-27 was our Boy Scout Camporee, held at the Hughes Plantation in Spring Hill, with almost 100 boys attending! Imagine if you can, two troops in a single file facing off against each other, the tension building. Suddenly they reach down, pick up a rope and start pulling against each other! Laughter could be heard all over the campground! If that was not enough competition, there was ultimate Frisbee as well. In addition, merit badges were worked on and earned.

The Venturers were not left out either. They got to attend Venturing Rendezvous at Boxwell. Dueling with padded swords, sailing Old Hickory Lake, shooting .22 caliber pistols, and playing giant Jenga, fun was had by all!

Training Calendar
Thursday, July 31 @ 7:00 p.m.
Fall Youth Recruiment Training
First Presbyterian (101 Legends Club Lane, Franklin)
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