photo of a boy scout.

The Nashboro district serves North, East and Downtown nashville in Central Service Area.

District Chairman:
Howard Gentry

District Commissioner:
Alicia Riggans

District Training Chair:
Peg Hite

District Executive:
Dwanna Hughes

Multicultural Program Coordinator:
Oscar Ramirez

24-26 Cub and Family Campout
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3 Roundtable
Key 3 Meeting
4 District Committee Meeting
1 Key 3 Meeting
2 Distrit Committee Meeting
4 Commissioner Basic Training

Rolling On The River
Fall fun is off to an excellent start for Nashboro Scouts, as units came together for an overnight canoe trip to Grimes Canoe Base under the August Full moon. The day and night were filled with adventure as they canoed and kayaked along the Buffalo River. One camper ended up in the water instead of in the boat when he encountered a tree branch, and the tree branch won. He was not hurt, just wet but it was cool on a hot day. The units participating in this fun-filled day were Troops 33 and 169 and Packs 169, 1548, and 17. Thanks to Camping Chairman, Aaron Painter, for planning this wonderful activity; there will be many more to come. Check out the Nashboro District Calendar for all district activities.

Fun On The Farm
Scouting continued in summer for Nashboro youth and Great Outdoor University, as they took a trip to South Harpeth Farm in Franklin for a day of fishing, food, and fun with the farm animals. The animals the Scouters encountered included donkeys, horses, goats, dogs, and chickens. They also got a chance to check out the arachnids as they were introduced to some wild spiders. Upon arrival at the lake, the eager fishermen were taught how to properly cast their fishing lines and, after a healthy and filling lunch, it was time to fish. What began as a friendly fishing adventure turned into a competition to see who could catch the largest and the most fish. Everyone came out a winner and had a great time. Shout out to Sabrina Gresham and her team for keeping our Cub Packs going strong in the summer.

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October 24-26, 2014 Cub and family Campout
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