Duck River

photo of a boy scout.

The Duck River district serves Lewis, Marshall, Maury and Perry Counties in the Western Service Area.

District Chairman:
Ed Lancaster

District Commissioner:
Douglas Chapman

District Executive:
Anna Ingram

25 Aviation Day
13 District Committee Meeting
Commissioner Staff Meeting
6 Commissioner Staff Meeting
District Committee Meeting

New Exploring Post in Lewisburg
July 26th was a great day for the Duck River District. We held a community event, in partnership with the Sheriff department, fire department and the local packs, that kicked off our brand new Marshall County Sheriff Department explorers post! Around 100 children were able have an identikit made for them with DNA swabs, finger prints, and hair strands. The kids also met the Sheriff, who was brave enough to demonstrate the local K9 dog skills on himself. People played football and Scout games, ran sack races, met a police horse and even petted an owl named Rusty! Sundrop and hot dogs were provided for everyone. The community is fired up and excited about upcoming Scouting events in their home community.

Pack 351 Rocket Launch
Also on July 26, Pack 351 from Marvin Wright Elementary in Spring Hill, held their very first Rocket Launch. There were 14 Cub Scouts and their families that participated. They learned about rockets and how they worked, as well as some good lessons on gravity. They took turns firing off their rockets, and everyone watched in amazement as to how far they were going up. Some travelled as high as 1500 feet. Then they watched them as they gently glided back down with the help of the parachute. All the Scouts were ready and eager to help retrieve them for their owners, but unfortunately a few landed in the trees. Even the neighbors in the subdivision came out and sat in their yards to watch the excitement and fun. It was a very successful event and we are all excited to do it again next year.

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Call your District Executive for more information
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