What Are Tiger Cubs?

photo of Tiger CubsTiger Cubs, BSA, is a program for boys in the first grade and their adult partners. It allows the boy and adult to build strong relationships with each other, the rest of the family, and with other members of the Tiger Cubs group.

Why should my child join?

Tiger Cubs introduces boys to the excitement of Cub Scouting as they search, discover, and share with their partners. Tiger Cubs is designed to build stronger families through involvement in a simple, low-cost program that is flexible and fun for boys and adults.

What will my child do?

Each boy-adult partner team will have a copy of the Tiger Cub Handbook. It includes the advancement requirements and electives that the boys and adults can complete together.

To begin his path to the Tiger Cub rank, the Tiger Cub must learn the Tiger Cub motto, the Cub Scout sign and the Cub Scout salute. When he has accomplished these tasks, he will be awarded his Tiger Cub belt totem. This is a tiger paw with four strands for totem beads that he wears on his belt. A boy earns totem beads by working on the five Tiger Cub achievements.

Tiger Cub Motto
Search, Discover, Share

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